With you I share

Whenever I look at you, my best pal
I find the serenity in your heart
From deep within me, out my feelings crawl
In my life u play an important part

U listen to my woes in times of grief
With all the same tranquility in your eyes
Sharing with you gives me a sense of relief
You listen to me with utmost patience-once, twice, even thrice

With you I share,every moment of delight
You halve my distress, double my merriment
I share even a petty quarrel, a small fight
What’s so special about you that helps our bond cement?

When there’s none with me, when I’m left alone
I brood upon, for you I reach
Seeds of happiness in my life once sown-
You remind me of them and the lessons they teach

You’re always with me, my placid friend
You’ve left me alone not a single day
You stay with me every second
Not to leave you, anything I’ll pay

Every incident with you I share
Your place in my life is honorary
For such a great friend, I would always care
I love you, my sweet little diary


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