I find you

Early in the morning, in the cold air I grope
When the world’s still asleep
Hidden somewhere is a ray of hope
There is an air of unusualness, so deep

I walk along, I find in every drop of dew
A shine, a new life, a spark
I find something else, I find you
Gleaming unceasingly in the dark

The trees around me sway along
I feel something walk by me
It’s words are like the phoenix’s song
Soft and sweet, the words of glee

I feel happiness infuse the air
I find you, calm, serene, tranquil
There’s something common we share
For a dense moment everything is still

On the east when rises the blazing sun
I think about your identity, my abstruse comrade
I enter into the light, I find none
With a feathery touch, from me you evade

I was delight’s daughter when I was with you
In your absence, I’m not myself whole
These cherish-able moments, were not something new
I realize, you are my eternal soul


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