When in times of grief
When you are in deep sorrow
When you need relief
Remember,there’s a better tomorrow

When there’s none at you rescue
When there’s none to hear your cry
Remember,every coin has sides two
There are better solutions than to die

At a loved one’s loss
When you are in the dark
When in life,you’ve lost the toss
Arouse in yourself,that hidden spark

When you are in despair
When you need someone to listen to your woe
When you need someone who about you would care
Let your dear ones about your grief know

When in life,you face the evening
You need to be courageous
A night is always succeeded by a morning
Your courage must alarm the time notorious

When everything around you is dicey and noisy
When with difficulties you cannot cope
You’ve got to tune your life in the right frequency
Remember somewhere is hidden a ray of hope

When a friend lost a grandparent.


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