Can you answer me?

A single flower can be my garden
When amidst squalor,misery and strife
When my relations unexpectedly harden
A single day can be my life

When I love someone from the core of my heart
When I’m at the pinnacle of utter confusion
When at the end of my life,I make a start
A single tear can be an ocean

When life,I start anew with extreme caution
After all my dreams have shattered
At the cost of anything beyond imagination
A single fruit can be an orchard

When at the horizon of life and death
When I hear a feeble mourning song
At the golden moment when I hold my breath
A single word can make me strong

When I strive to visit the skies beyond
When the heavenly earth I’ve prepared to leave
When I realize life’s as small as a fishpond
A single drop of honey could make me live

When I find a cruel look upon me cast
When someone follows me slyly through the night
Even in my life at the moments last
A single thought can help me fight

When the sky is bright in the summer hot
When the plants and flowers swing and sway
I’m horrified by something and before I could utter a what
A single tint could turn the sky gray

When I search for faint memories in the shallow sand
I find,it is a dessert of grief and glee
What’s life, when I try to understand
I’m lost in thought,can you answer me?


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