Two shades of a thought

I like loneliness, I like crowd
What matters is my state of mind

I’m silent, I’m loud
Silent in speech, loud in thought

I like sun, I like rain
Sun to show I’m happy, rain to conceal my tears

I like glee, I like pain
Glee for the heart, pain for the soul

I like heat, I like cold
They help me forget myself whole

I’m coward, I’m bold
I fear the unseen, I face the world

I agree, I disagree
I agree with my mind, to disagree with my heart

I halt, I flee
I halt at every junction of life, I flee from avidity

I admire knowledge, I admire ignorance
Because knowledge is divine, ignorance is bliss

I’m simple, I’m complicated
Simple in action, complicated in thought

I like silence, I like noise
Silence around me when my mind is filled with noise

I show impatience, I show poise
Impatience at a human moment, poise when you least expect it

I’m sane, I’m insane
Sane for who understand this, insane for who don’t


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