Unblock me: Perspective

Unblock me: Perspective

How many of you play games on your phone at least once in a while if not regularly? Well, I am one of those who downloads games and apps but never uses them. This app called Unblock me, which quite a few of you might not be aware about, caught my attention a few days back. This is one such app which had the privilege of being used on my phone without being lost in the pages of downloaded apps.

For those who never knew about this, the aim of the game is to move the red bar out of the box through the opening at the right. Vertical bars move only vertically and horizontal bars move only horizontally. This game might be a stress buster or a stress creator for you depending on the way you see it. Get the trick right and you will not want to stop winning to further levels.

Those who know the game already might have noticed the fact that sometimes you need to get the red bar back after moving a few steps further, in order to get it out of the box at the end. Games like this which are classified as puzzles according to psychology, get your brain functioning better. But this one has a philosophical touch apart from the psychological benefit.

My perspective: The way I see it, this game is very much similar to our lives. The red bar is each one of us trying to come out of the problems we face, when life says Solve Me! Sometimes we are stuck in a phase, not able to get out of a problem, no matter for how long we try to get out of it. Certain things in the world are beautiful the way they are, and trying to change them to make ourselves win a situation would not do any good, just like the vertical and horizontal bars whose direction of movement cannot be changed. But what about the whole getting-the-red-bar-back-to-move-further thing we talked about above one paragraph? It shows that you need to take a few steps back once in a while to be able to move forward later. It shows that taking a few steps back doesn’t mean that you are losing, but sometimes it is the only way to win. For instance, you can afford to lose an argument today to win a friend for life. Or you can take a little time away from the hustle and bustle of work to make yourself more efficient when the others are moving forward, and later shoot back to glory.

Hypothetical extension: Imagine there were two red bars that had to get out of the maze instead of one. Then each one of them would have a different exit. But since we already saw that horizontal bars can move only horizontally, each bar would have its own path to move out. If the first red bar is you, the second red bar is someone you know. Stop comparing your life to his because each of you has different paths to take and different destinations to reach. Understand that everyone’s life is different and beautiful in its own way. We should work to make our tomorrow better than today but not to make our today better than someone else’s yesterday.


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