I know all the obsession about “Happiness is” quotes all over the place. But what I put down here are those times when I could not help but smile, while a few of these are not the things that you see often. So here goes my list of a few of those little things which make life more worthwhile:

Happiness is when you see the ear-to-ear-smile on the faces of your loved ones, when you travel miles to see them.

Happiness is when a newly born baby holds your finger, with its tiny fingers curling around yours, with all its strength.

Happiness is when a 5 yr old boy of a woman working in a construction site smiles at you when you pass by the street in your car.

Happiness is when a bunch of kindergarten kids who you never saw wave to you when they are on their way home from school in an auto.

Happiness is when you see a corner of your mom’s wardrobe occupied by the first watch gifted by her father when she was in college.

Happiness is when your elder sister gives you a few coins from her precious collection, coins which are no more in existence.

Happiness is when a guy says you are beautiful when you look exhausted after a tiring day.

Happiness is when your 70 year old neighbor cooks delicious food for you every time you’re home for holidays, because your mom once told her that you love her cooking.

Happiness is when a guy buys you a bunch of beautiful flowers you’ve never seen before, for no reason.

And happiness is when you need someone to make you happy when you are sad and that someone is you.


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