What do color pencils teach you?

I was always fascinated by color pencils, not fabric paints, glass paints or any other coloring tool. May be the fact that I love pencils and I love wood adds up to it. On a rainy evening when I was staring at my color pencils wondering what to draw, I realized that there is something we can learn from even these colorful sticks of wood, placed in two perfect rows in their box.

  • Their very existence shows us that life is colorful
  • Let us suppose that all the colors are different situations in life and the entire box represents life. There might be 2-3 colors in the entire set which you don’t like. These represent the situations you don’t want to face but they are a part of the package called life and should be accepted the way they are. Just because you don’t like the colors, you can’t throw them away because you might get rid of them but the pack will remain incomplete. Similarly, we should live with the difficult situations we face because life would be incomplete without them.
  • There are colors that you will never use. These are like the people who are in your life but you never really bothered to make an effort to talk to them like old friends who are out of contact now. When you try using these colors in your sketch someday, you might notice the new look they bring. Similarly talk to an old friend and you will realize how much your life has changed. You will also make someone happy by showing them that you care enough to remember them and that you have taken time out of your life to talk to them.
  • These pencils remind me that there still is a child inside me who secretly loves to fill a coloring book, this time colors staying within the lines unlike in kindergarten.
  • Try drawing a rough patch of any color on a plain sheet of paper, on a cardboard, on a wooden plank and on the wall. You will notice that the same color looks different on each surface. This is because different surfaces have different textures. This shows us that we should act differently in different kinds of situations, though deep down, a person is the same in every situation.

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