Hate your boss? You’ve come to the right place!

He’s so insensitive! She doesn’t give credit to what I do! He doesn’t have a plan! She has no idea of how much I work!

Any of these sound familiar? Then before you get lost in complaining again, take a pause. You’re not the only one. 

As much as all of us love complaining about how unhappy we are with our bosses, sometimes we need to think if we would hate ourselves as much as we hate our bosses, if we acted the same way. Yes, I can hear you saying “I would never be that person” or “I’m sure I’m a better boss” or “I can never be a bad boss”. But wait, if you thought you were a good boss, may be your boss thinks he is a good boss too. Just like you have problems with him, may be your subordinates have a problem with you too! Come on, who are you kidding? Do you think you are the best boss in the world? May be you are, but there is a good possibility that 50% of your team doesn’t like you for reasons you might not even know existed.

More often than not, knowingly or unknowingly, we always try to attribute a human figure as the reason for a mistake or a bad situation, and there’s something or the other going wrong all the time. When we don’t know who to put the blame on, or when we want to justify the situation to the hulk inside us, we end up complaining about our teammates or our bosses, because that’s the most convenient way to make peace with the situation, or let’s say, to think we have made peace with the situation.

Did you know, when you try to mute the hulk in your head, you hear another voice struggling to make itself audible? It shows you a different perception of things. It tells you when it’s not time to complain. It tells you that trying to solve problems is easier when you complain less. It tells you how to deal with things without losing your calm. It tells you that there’s always someone worse off, so that you can at least feel better about yourself, if not anything else. Come on, you are not in a grave; you got to be better off than someone! Face Sun_No Shadows

The next time you are about to complain, try to figure out the reason for your boss’s behaviour. If that’s too difficult, assume that you cannot change anything about what happened or what is happening and try to bring the best out of you . If that also doesn’t work, accept the fact that sometimes life sucks, and if you keep complaining about it, it will not get any better. Just remember that there is always a brighter side, only we should choose to look at it.


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