Silly Sunday!

Prologue: I live in a flat with two other people, one with an OCD for cleanliness, and the other who is unintentionally funny. Let’s call the latter as flatmate-1 and the former, flatmate-2.

A brief timeline of yesterday:

11.00 hrs: Wake up time

I walk sleepily out of my door, upset because of a nightmare I just woke up from, and flatmate-1 almost walks into me with a bunch of incense sticks in her hand trying to spread the holy fragrance in the entire house. Made me smile of course!

14.00 hrs: Making Pasta

Flatmate-1 who doesn’t eat even as much spice as there is salt in chocolate, plans to put chilli flakes while making sauce for pasta. While saying that she’ll regret adding spice to the dish, she adds a packet of mouth freshener in the “I-might-regret-this-mode”. But hey! A little random ingredient doesn’t hurt apparently, because the pasta was amazing!


16.00 hrs: Post lunch discussion

<Discussion on how ice tea would have been great with pasta>
Flatmate-2: “Oh we did have tea powder, we should have made ice tea!”
Mindless me: “Ice tea isn’t made with tea”
Flatmate-2: “That’s like saying cold coffee isn’t made out of coffee!”
<Back to my senses>

00.30 hrs (Monday): Pre-sleep random talk:

Me (Pointing to an old photo where I was dressed in a saree): “My grandmom bought this saree for me”
Mindless Flatmate-2: “You mom’s dad or Dad’s dad?”
Poker faced me: “Mom’s mom”

<Back to Mundane Monday>


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