Contradiction – A brief moment

She can hear her heartbeat. Anxiety? Not sure. But there’s definitely a feeling of emptiness fall like a stone in the pit of her stomach. She asks him to see her on his way back home, hoping that he would say no, not knowing why she hoped so. She probably likes him, or probably not as much as she thinks she does. She wants him to know, but she doesn’t want him to know. Somewhere in a dark corner of her mind, a little fading voice tells her that it knows how much she likes him, and that he knows her. They say that if you flip a coin in the air, for the brief moment of time when the coin is in the air, you know what you’re hoping for. She cannot seem to know what she would hope for if she flipped a coin now. Confusion. Anxiety. Emptiness. Desire. A brief pause, and she’s back to the moment where she had asked him to come and see her. He said yes. A blank mind. A brief pause, back to reality. He said yes! That moment, is when she knows what her heart would have hoped for, had she flipped a coin. Excitement. Happiness. Of waiting for that moment. Of starting a new journey. The adrenaline rush of not knowing which path it would take.

Inspiration: This guy. Old love.


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