This is the post which got published

Some write for pleasure, some write to tell something to the reader. Some write when they find time, some find time to write. Whatever is the reason, one thing is common. There are drafts, there are re-works, and there are always those posts which just go to trash. May be because the post is too opinionated, or may be because the writer changed his/her opinion. May be because the post did not turn out as expected, or may be because there is a new and better idea that popped up in his/her head.

Lucky posts which don’t go through repetitive quality checks and dilemmas of whether the post is good enough or not, get posted, others don’t. Does not mean all the posts that got published are just lucky, they can be good too. Or may be great. There are times when a post might be forgotten, lost in stacks of drafts, or in busy schedules. There are those posts which stay in drafts forever, consciously, because the writer thought he/she would make changes to it “tomorrow” which would never come. But there are posts which cross the finish line and meet the eyes of the reader. And these are the only ones we ever cared about.

Call it luck, call it not being given much thought,
Call it good, call it pointless, or may be not,
This is the post which got published.

Inspiration: All my posts which went to the trash.


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