Understanding pigs!

Disclaimer: All of you who find pigs gross are requested to stay clear of this area. All pig lovers, no offence!

I never really paid as much attention to pigs in my life as I do now, thanks to the place I’m living in and a great friend of mine who finds pigs cute! You heard it right, cute. I just need to step out of my office any day, at any time, and I would find at least 10 pigs walking around like it’s their street and we’re stray humans! Not just that, they’ll try to scare you away with their grunts and their walking at a millimetres distance from you because you’re trying to invade their holy land.

Have you ever observed a pig eat on the street? Well, even I didn’t, till our dear friend here told me how pigs don’t know when to stop eating, and that’s why they are fat!! Trust me, after two times of questioning yourself as to why you’re watching a pig eat, you’ll find it funny from the third. How life surprises you! I would have posted a video of a pig doing its brisk walk-eat-walk-eat thing (the brisk “walk” doesn’t burn calories because of the “eat”) without a care in the world, but then people on the street would have thought I’m crazy, video-recording a pig! As if I’m not crazy enough to write this whole essay about one.

Oh also, there are a couple of theories we’ve devised about white pigs and black pigs. No, not being racist! Theory-1 says may be all pigs are white, but since they’re always rolling around in muck without taking showers, they turn black. Theory-2 on the other hand says that all pigs are probably black, but then the white ones had the black layer removed somehow (Dermabrasion? I don’t know). But we don’t accept a very probable theory-3 which says they might belong to two different breeds.

A couple of more things:
1. Remember the nursery rhyme “Piggy on the railway line”? (For those of you who don’t know, try Googling). While I was talking about how dumb it is to pick up stones on a railway track of all the places, my friend here was worried about how mean the engine driver was since he didn’t care! Conclusion: Pigs are dumb.

2. Ever noticed how animated pigs always have their tails drawn in one or two tiny loops? Well, nothing about that, just wanted you to notice.


I still don’t have a theory about why the piggy bank had to be a piggy bank and not any other animal. Let me know if any of you knows why.

Inspiration: The infinite discussions I had with a friend on pigs.


2 thoughts on “Understanding pigs!

  1. In ancient days, the clay used to make jars was called ‘Pygg’. Since the same clay was used to make the money collecting jars, the name piggy bank caught along.
    Where is the pig video? 😉


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