A picture

A picture
Of an early morning
Of birds chirping
Of having chamomile tea on a porch
Lined beautifully with plants and flowers

A picture
Of hair tied up in a bun
Of rolled up sleeves and distressed denims
Of a free spirit, of a happy soul

A picture
Of a cloudy evening at sunset
Of winds whistling through the woods
Of raindrops forming a veil of fog
Separating the real world from the surreal

A picture
Very serene
Of the infinite space
Of a full moon, carefully cut out from the vast dark blue blanket

This picture
Of disjoint but happy moments
Of the little things in life
Flashes before you whenever you see it
But vanishes every time you look away

Inspiration: One of those many times when I sit and stare at the moon and admire its beauty.


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