The Hiker’s Mind


The sound of winds whistling
The music of birds chirping
The mild thunders before cold showers
And the silence of serenity

The green forest blanket covered by a vast shadow
Sun’s rays peeking through those dense gray clouds
Little streams marking territories on mountains
Gushing river water in a fight with the rocks it has in itself

Drops of sweat soaking you in the wait for your destination
Raindrops washing away the anxiety of time
A cool breeze of assurance ruffling through your hair
And the voice in your head that says everything’s going to be fine

When ecstasy rushes through your blood with every such thought
When you feel you don’t belong in the concrete world
When undiscovered nature is so beautiful, how can I say no
The mountains are calling, and I must go

Reaching the top of a mountain when it’s raining, watching the sun set while you soak in the peace and harmony of nature, and waking up to something so beautiful that words can’t describe, does make you want to write!


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