She’s a liar

This time I had to choose between poetry and prose
So like every other story, this is how it goes:
Once upon a time there lived a little girl
But this is just a story, so she is not real

She loved to talk a lot, she loved telling stories
No she isn’t a teacher or a granny or a nanny
Every person she knew, knew a different her
For she was a player, she was a liar

You meet her today and she’ll tell you about herself
You meet her again and you’ll hear something else
There are so many stories that she can’t even remember
For she is a player, she is a liar

There’s nothing more to tell you, so this is the end
But beware of such people, they’re everywhere my friend
They’re right next to you, lighting your seat on fire
They’re pretty little players, they’re smart little liars

Corporate life is a stage, and all the employees are mere players!


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