Little rays of sun

Little rays of sun, don’t fade away
Little rays of sun, what are you trying to say
when you peek through the curtains every morning
and wake me up from my dreams.

Little rays of sun, you’re so pretty
Little rays of sun, I wish everyone could see
how you sparkle on pointy ripples in water
and shine brighter than diamonds can.

Little rays of sun, smiling through the hills
Little rays of sun, making shadows on my window sill
painting a black and white picture of the world outside
You surprise me with your magic, every time I see you.

Little rays of sun, you’re such a beautiful sight
Little rays of sun, I think about you every night
for when I see you the next day, you make me smile
and remind me again, that life’s gonna be alright

Little rays of sun, oh you’re such a wonder
Little rays of sun, you make darkness surrender
chasing away every empty speck of black
as you glow radiantly in golden yellow and white

Little rays of sun, where did you disappear
Little rays of sun, it’s winter but dusk is not so near
But for some unknown reason if this is you asking me to pause
I would resume tomorrow, my little ray of sun.

Inspiration: The song “City of Stars” from the movie “La La Land”.


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