You’re my all!

You’re the burning ember that reignites a fire in my dark days
You’re the motivation in my life’s every race

You’re my spring in a path filled with autumn leaves
You’re the pleasure that makes any pain cease

You’re my first rain after a scorching summer spree
You’re the constraint that sets my spirit free

You’re the musical note in every song I sing
You’re the solace on the shore that an ocean can bring

You’re the mild breeze that cools the hot desert sand
You’re my sole companion in every strange land

You’re the angel when my internal demons fight
You’re my thoughts in every word I write

Found this in an old diary while searching for something else; written back in 2014. Old love.


2 thoughts on “You’re my all!

  1. I have come to realise, that no matter how much we love someone else – you just cannot ignore at the end of the day that you need to love yourself first. Hope you find someone soon, but even more importantly – hope you never forget about yourself !

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