The Long Wait

Baby I’m waiting for you
Come soon, I’m tired of missing you
It has been a month since we
cuddled together, let alone sleep.

I miss the late night walks
I miss the time that was
I miss the way you used to
play songs when I would come to see you.

I miss standing on your feet to dance
I miss all the wonderful romance
I miss wearing your t-shirts even if they were loose
I miss lying next to you and hitting the snooze.

I miss your silly reasons like a naughty boy’s
with a sheepish smile, and a cute voice.
Even when we fought, you were with me,
Come back soon baby, hug me.

Well, it has been 30 days.
My heart has been running a race
against time. It’s just one more day
now, and on my bed I lay
restless, waiting for you, not able to
sleep, imagining how I would hug you
when I see you tomorrow,
when it will be the end of loneliness and sorrow.

Found this in an old diary while searching for something else; written back in 2014. Old love.


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