The one-sided conversation

There were just two empty seats in the waiting area
They both ran and grabbed them quickly
Her flight got delayed by a couple of hours
So why not talk to the stranger beside, she thought
“How are you?” she asked, “How’s life?”
He made a face and started, “Same old, same old
The water is warm and my coffee cold
There’s hardly any time, but the to-do list long
My pocket has a hole, but I dream about the world
There are friends, alright, but enemies more
I’m tired of complaining, my throat is sore
There are so many problems, I lost score
My life is a routine, it’s such a bore!
I want to do more, I want to explore
I want to swim in the ocean till I’m scared
To a point when I want to swim back to the shore
I want to fly like a kite
Dive from the sky
Reach a stage where I dont care about the passersby
About what they think, about what they say
The societal norms and the mind games they play
Because the sun is shining, it’s still day
Shouldn’t I be making the proverbial hay?
Why am I saying this to you, we never met before
One tiny question and I rant, it’s almost a lure
I’m sorry I bothered you for almost a half hour
The next time we talk, I promise I’ll be better
I’ll think about how, but ah! That’s for later
And hey! Thanks for lending me an ear
The next time you have a problem, be sure I’ll be there
It was a nice talk, thanks again stranger”
And so he left, with a luggage heavy, a heart lighter
But turned back for a moment and smiled at her
“What a guy!”, she said to herself
And realised she is back to her long wait
Glad that someone entertained her for a bit
A little sad that the conversation was over
Did this little talk have a connection from somewhere?
Her bags might be lighter, but may be the heart a little heavier
She just hoped she would run into him again, some day in the future

A friend asked me ‘What’s up’ and I wanted to reply in a short poem, for fun. It turned out to be a long one though.


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