I know a place

I used to know a place
Where skies were green, trees were blue
Seas were yellow; I was two
I used to know a place
Where sorrow was a myth, home was a fix
To problems that never existed; I was six
I used to know a place
Where things were new, like crushes and scents,
the internet, books, and my favourite fountain pens
The world was exciting; I was ten. May be eleven
I used to know a place
Which screamed “This is life”
It was exciting and scary, like a roller coaster ride
My definitions were different, compared to what they are now
Just like they will be 10 years later, and I don’t know how
It was magical, like in most movies, I was a teen
I used to know a place
Where optimism was my kingdom, I was the queen
The antonym was an enemy long defeated
It was not long ago, but the memory of it seems to have faded.
I know a place
It’s beautiful and mysterious
Slips out of your hands if you ignore it for a moment
I stand here, with my head in the clouds, feet on the ground,
Trying to balance the act of living and letting go
I’m in the today, moving towards tomorrow