Hello, old friend!

I remember meeting you in a cafe last year this day
With a toy train below the ceiling bustling away
I was new to the place and you were good company
While I was figuring out the notes to my life’s symphony
I know you had traveled from your city to my corporate village
And I know I did a bad job later keeping in touch
I remember the once-in-a-while conversations about literature,
Life, travel, moustaches, and much more, pointless by nature
Hey! You too were never good at keeping up a conversation
We rarely spoke, but through technological innovations:
The regular media of communication, popular by convention
Today when I’m talking to you at an odd hour of the day
Why are your responses so prompt, this was never your way
I got so used to waiting for a couple of days
Every time, for a reply, sometimes short, sometimes an essay
There was never a pattern, it was such a disarray!
Until now, when time finally gave itself away
Everything in and around me is suddenly gray
Is this you playing with me?
Or is it time?
Because I feel like you’re in a different time zone
Although you’re just an hour away