The rain drop

Hi, my name is Drop!
I would like to tell you a little story
Will you listen to me?

I travel a great distance
as I get a phone call
from my old friends, the earth and the plants –
“Hello drop! Today you have a good chance!
The heat here has taken a toll;
come, run some errands?”

I said
“Well well well, here I come,
will bring along some breeze,
or may be a storm,
a grey cloud or two,
in the skies clear and blue,
some lightning, a thunder,
and a great sense of wonder!”

I just want to say hi,
kiss the earth and stop by,
dance on the lakes,
shower some strays,
nap on a leaf,
till some time passes by

But why do these creatures
with two legs and minds
come running in my way,
and ruin my plans?
Now I splash on a kid’s face
or those nylon black domes,
break into pieces, (surprise!)
and I can’t slide on my own

I get pushed, or wiped,
or soaked into someone’s sweaty clothes
Oh, the stink!
This clearly isn’t the life I chose?!

It was a bad day
I wait back for the sun
Curse him if he’s late
’cause I need to get home
Let my hair down for a while,
relax in the sky,
may be go for a ride,
and wait for the next time!

Thanks for lending an ear
You were great today
Come back and check here,
for a different story on another day

It has been raining here everyday for the past one week, when we are in the peak of summer! Cursing the muddy roads and the traffic, I thought, what if the rain is cursing us too!