Unknown Destination

She looked out of the window sitting in the back seat of her car, her gazed fixed upon the hollow emptiness of the night, wondering where her life is going. She was a happy soul till a few minutes back, until the words of the person she loved the most refused to stop resonating in her mind. The mere possibility that she might not be able to live with him forever crumpled her from within. All her dreams were shattered like a castle of cards, before she could realize what was happening.

She saw him for the first time from a distance when he was laughing with his friends, like he owned all the happiness in the world. She could sense a faint aura of mystery around him every time he talked to her. Every word that he spoke mesmerized her, for she could see herself in him. He talked about the world, about life, about peace, and every single word of his only made her fall in love with him over and over again. They talked everyday, sometimes not realizing how time passed by. They went for long walks in the silence of the night, except for the occasional rustling of the leaves and the faint sound of their footsteps. They spent hours together even if it was nothing but getting lost in each others’ eyes. He was the one she was waiting for, all her life.

He changed the way she saw herself, he changed the way she looked at life. For him, she was a person who loved him and a person he cared for. But for her, he was everything. He was the reason she smiled, he was the apple of her eye, he was her happiness, he was her life. A girl who had the innocence of a kid to not hate anyone had seen what it is like to dislike another woman, only after she met him. He was the reason she learnt to hold back her tears behind her smile, because she knew his happiness lied in this very smile of hers, at least to an extent if not completely. In his company, she had become a better person, happier than before. He changed her, he changed her life.

The screeching sound of the brakes brought her back from the unending flow of thoughts to reality. But this time she couldn’t hold her tears back because he was not with her to see her smile. The deserted roads, the howling winds and the voidness of the moonless sky only made it more difficult for her to focus on the present. A mild breeze brushes her hair off her face, a soft song playing in her head helps her teary eyelids to sleep and she gathers herself up to a faint smile, waiting for the sun to rise.